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Why Choose the Attorneys at Jason Harris Law?
  • We specialize in two areas of the law, Personal Injury and Property Damage Claims
  • We fight to make sure you receive the maximum settlement from your property insurance claim
  • Fighting insurance companies on Property Insurance Claims is what we do
  • Fighting to achieve proper compensation for your personal injuries is what we do
  • Over the years, we have successfully argued both sides of personal injury cases
  • Our team professional lawyers have over 50 years of combined practice in personal injury law
  • Our team knows how to work with difficult insurance groups
  • We will travel to our clients when their injuries make it challenging or impossible to come to our office
  • We put our clients first, defending them every step of the way
  • We have a representative accessible 24/7 to answer any personal injury questions or to open your case
  • Our clients are not required to pay anything until we obtain a positive result in their case
  • We are experts in all aspects of property damage claims
  • Deny, delay, and underpaid is what we fight against